After studies at filmschools in France and Germany, Matthias worked in different departments of TV production. Then since

90              as storyliner for TV series

91              writer / director for corporate films

92 – 96       studies at the „Filmakademie Baden-Württemberg“

graduated in directing commercials

since 94      directed commercials for Nestlé, Daewoo, DaimlerChrysler, Agfa, Hasbro,

Rover, Block Drug, Lotto, Neckermann, Procter&Gamble, Henkel, Dodge,

Base, Mercedes Benz and more

The Art Director’s Club of Germany awarded him twice.

„Edel&Starck“ won the German TV Award in 2002.

The Cannes Festival shortlisted his „Dodge Virals“ in 2006.


2020: scriptwriting

2019: true crime tv series

2018: true crime tv series

2017: scriptwriting

2016: documentary „Vinyl“

2015: tv series „Sibel & Max“

2014: tv series „Morden im Norden“

2013: co-directed „50 years of Porsche 911“ an online documentary

2012: script development for tv features

2011:  documentary „Jagath Perera – Steilwandfahrer“

2010:  tv series „Die Bergwacht“

2009:  scriptwriting and project development

2007:  tv series „5 Sterne“

2006:  tv series „5 Sterne“

2006:  feature film „Dreck am Stock“

2006:  sitcom „Dina“

2005:  sitcom „Onkel Uwe“

2004:  sitcom „Zur Sache, Papa!“

2004: tv series „Stefanie“

2003: tv feature „Das allerbeste Stück“

2003: tv series „Broti & Pacek – irgendwas ist immer“

2003: tv series „SK Kölsch“

2002: sitcom „Große Jungs“

2002: tv feature „Die Schokoladenkönigin“

2002: tv series „Broti & Pacek – irgendwas ist immer“

2001: tv series „Edel & Starck“

2000: tv feature „Die Bademeister“